Super Value Tours - Private Yangtze Cruise (Upstream) +Xi'an, Beijing 15 days_Wuhan, Yangtze 3 Gorges, Chongqing, Xian, Beijing

Private Yangtze Cruise (Upstream) +Xi'an, Beijing 15 days

Wuhan to Chongqing (2020)


Wuhan, Yangtze 3 Gorges, Chongqing, Xian, Beijing

Departs Mar 22 & Nov 8 2020

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Departure Date LAX/SFO Canada Tour + Cruise Single Cruise Only Single
Nov. 8 2019 $3450 + intl flights $3450 + intl flights $3450 $1250 $1999 $799


  • Cruise Upgrades: Executive Room +$600/room; Presidential Suite + $1999/room
  • Fares above are in USD (all inclusive, tip excluded). Guests departing from Canada must pay in CAD at prevailing exchange rate.
  • Fees including airfare: Super Value Tours will arrange the most direct flight for you. If you have specfiic airline preferences, we may quote a different airfare. Airfare inclusive packages based on availability. If you need air quoted from a different city, please let us know.
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Sister companies, Super Value & Signet Tours, come together for a luxury charter on Century Legend.

  • Board our private cruise on the Yangtze River.
  • Admire majestic views of the Three Gorges, enjoy fun onboard activities, & excursions. 
  • This date includes our amazing tour of Beijing and Xi'an post-cruise.

Special Features


  • Board in Wuhan and cruise all the way to Chongqing, save time from being on the road, fully enjoy the cruise and wonders of Yangtze River!
  • Visit the Yellow Crane Tower, museum, and explore the cultural connotation of this historic city.

Three Gorges of Yangtze River Enjoy different aspects which lie within the green hills, green water, canyons. Indulge in the flow of ancient ink paintings with expert explanations of the beauty of the Three Gorges:

  • Xiling Gorge: The longest of the Gorges - enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides.
  • Wu Gorge: Known as the most beautiful of the Gorges, count the 12 peaks of Wushan and witness the true face of the goddess.
  • Qutang Gorge: The shortest but most dramatic of the Gorges.
  • Three Gorges Dam: Enjoy an unforgettable view of the world's largest dam during the day and experience the spectacular feeling of our ship passing the five-level ship lock at night.
  • Places of interest: Visit the Three Gorges, Stone Treasure Fortress and other scenic spots along the Yangtze River
  • Super Value activities: Since we reserve the entire ship, all arrangements are specially-designed for Super Value/Signet guests. Specially designated hosts will explain the story, give a Three Gorges Humanities History Lecture, host our Super Value evening party, and the Super Idol night... all with much excitement!


  • Experience the millennial Dazu Rock Carvings and enjoy the night view of the mountain city.


  • Stay in our centrally-located hotel to avoid as much of Beijing's notorious traffic as possible - our tour is designed to ensure ample time to enjoy the biggest highlights: the Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, and Tiananmen Square.
  • Overnight at Dhawa Jinshanling hotel: located at the foot of Jinshanling Great Wall. Our stay here gives you more time to experience diverse perspectives of the Great Wall - day and night - near and far; a great way to enjoy a more original section.


  • Terracotta Warriors and Horses: Our route is carefully designed to let you best enjoy this amazing piece of human history.


  • Private Charter Cruise - Century Legend: Built in 2013, the Paragon is the latest and most advanced luxury cruise ship on the Yangtze River.
  • Beijing: Waldorf Astoria – Stay in one of Beijing's best hotels.
  • Great Wall: Dhawa Jinshanling Hotel – Nestled in the hills at the foot of the Great Wall.
  • Xi'an: Wyndham Grand Xian – Newly renovated, stay in the heart of Xi'an. 


  • We take great pride in arranging and sharing great culinary experiences with you. Our development team samples each meal before presenting them to our guests. On this trip, you will have a chance to taste authentic Chinese delicacies including a Beijing favorite - Peking Duck, mutton hot pot, and much more. Aboard our cruise, enjoy a carefully designed menu including specially-prepared Peet's coffee from the United States, snacks from all over the world, and imported wines from different European countries every night...Food, wine and drink in the Yangtze River!


  • Charismatic and knowledgeable guide with extensive Super Value training.
  • A comprehensive travel insurance plan. Details
  • High quality headsets to hear our tour guide's presentation clearly.
  • Unlimited bottled water is provided throughout the entire trip.
  • Porterage service included at every hotel.


Important note for Visas: Visas are required for US/Canada passport holders entering China. Please see our Visa Information Center for details.  Visa fees not included in tour fare.


Tour Map

sad Depart North America for Wuhan, China


Arrive in Wuhan【Dinner】

  • "Ni Hao" or "Welcome" to China! A Super Value Tours Representative will meet you at the arrival gate and bring you to our hotel. Airport transfer is available for flights arriving between 10:00AM~10:00PM.
  • Board "Century Legend" luxury cruise ship.
  • Stroll Hankou River Beach and experience the style of the Yangtze River City in Wuhan.
Yangtze & Han Rivers Meet in Wuhan ff808081634ea10001635c8944043815.jpg Jianghan Guan Wharf ff808081634ea10001635c8944263816.jpg Century Legend ff808081634ea10001635c8944473817.jpg

DinnerLocal Specialties HotelCentury Legend Luxury Cruise Ship


Wuhan ship Jingzhou Section【3 Meals】

  • Yellow Crane Tower: the first of the three famous buildings of Jiangnan, the building is nostalgic and overlooks the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge
  • Hubei Museum: Our tour is dedicated to the four major treasures of the museum. Enjoy wonderful chime performances and trace the profound Gu Chu culture.
  • Return to the cruise after lunch and officially set sail
Yellow Crane Tower ff808081634ea10001635c89448a3819.jpg Hubei Provincial Museum ff808081634ea10001635c8944aa381a.jpg Concert of Chimes ff808081634ea10001635c8944ca381b.jpg

BreakfastCruise Breakfast Buffet LunchFeatured Local Specialties DinnerSpecialty Buffet HotelCentury Legend Luxury Cruise Ship


ship Jingzhou section of Yangtze River【3 Meals】

  • Traditional Tai Chi morning exercise on sun deck; awaken with the vitality of the day between the morning and the morning light (free participation).
  • Cruise Leisure: You can choose to participate in onboard activities or enjoy free time.
  • Welcome Night: Singing and dancing to invigorate the body and mind, all guests are welcome.
Yangtze River Calligraphy and Painting ff808081634ea10001635c89450d381d.jpg Deck View ff808081634ea10001635c89452e381e.jpg Dance Practice ff808081646f2163016471c19da012d6.jpg

BreakfastCruise Breakfast Buffet LunchSpecialty Buffet DinnerSpecialty Buffet HotelCentury Legend Luxury Cruise Ship


ship The Yangtze River Three Gorges【3 Meals】

  • Traditional Tai Chi morning exercise on sun deck; awaken with the vitality of the day between the morning and the morning light (free participation)
  • Xiling Gorge (special explanation): The cruise ship slowly sails through the first gorge of the Yangtze River, known for its “risk” in history, and enjoys the beautiful scenery on both sides of the strait.
  • Three Gorges family (onshore tour): Our tour explores local customs including stiltled buildings, ancient sailing boats, washing streams, and weeping marriage... capture life along the ancient Three Gorges
  • Three Gorges Dam (onshore tour): A project of great controversy, but an engineering feat which cannot be disputed. See and walk on the world’s largest dam.
  • Night of Dam crossing: With our professional explanation, learn and feel how the cruise ship passes the spectacle of the massive five-level ship lock

* Guests who choose not to participate in onshore tours may participate in onboard activities or enjoy free time.

Xiling Gorge ff80808163ca4d970163ccc9d1ad0ae2.jpg Homes of 3 Gorges Villagers ff80808163ca4d970163ccc9d1d30ae3.jpg Sailing Locks of 3 Gorges Dam ff80808163ca4d970163ccc9d1fb0ae4.jpg

BreakfastCruise Breakfast Buffet LunchSpecialty Buffet DinnerSpecialty Buffet HotelCentury Legend Luxury Cruise Ship


ship The Yangtze Three Gorges【3 Meals】

  • Traditional Tai Chi morning exercise, awaken the vitality of the day between the morning and the morning light (free participation).
  • Wu Gorge (special explanation): The cruise ship sails through the second gorge of the Yangtze River, known as the "show", counting the twelve peaks of Wushan and looking up at the graceful posture of the goddess.
  • Goddess Creek (by boat): Explore the wonders and original customs of the Wushan Mountains.
  • Qutang Gorge (special explanation): The cruise ship sails through the third gorge of the Yangtze River, which is famous for its “Xiong”, and the gateway to the west end of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River – Kui mén.
  • Super Idol Night: A fun night full of singing and dancing with our guests! 

* Guests who choose not to participate in onshore tours may participate in onboard activities or enjoy free time. 

Goddess Creek ff80808163ca4d970163ccc9d2410ae6.jpg Wu Gorge Crossing ff80808163ca4d970163ccc9d2650ae7.jpg Qutang Gorge ff80808163ca4d970163ccc9d2890ae8.jpg

BreakfastCruise Breakfast Buffet LunchSpecialty Buffet DinnerSpecialty Buffet HotelCentury Legend Luxury Cruise Ship


ship The Yangtze Three Gorges【3 Meals】

  • Traditional Tai Chi morning exercise on sun deck; awaken with the vitality of the day between the morning and the morning light (free participation)
  • Shibaozhai (onshore tour): known as one of eight architectural miracles in the world
  • Farewell party: special activities for a warm and unforgettable evening 

* Guests who choose not to participate in onshore tours may participate in onboard activities or enjoy free time. 

Shibaozhai Pagoda ff80808163ca4d970163ccc9d2d90aea.jpg Chongqing Hot Pot Cooking Class ff80808163ca4d970163ccc9d2fb0aeb.jpg Evening Dancing ff80808163ca4d970163ccc9d31e0aec.jpg

BreakfastCruise Breakfast Buffet LunchSpecialty Buffet DinnerSpecialty Buffet HotelCentury Legend Luxury Cruise Ship


ship Chongqing 【3 Meals】

  • Dock at Chaotianmen Wharf in Chongqing, bid farewell to our cruise ship.
  • Dazu Rock Carvings: Explore stone sculptures that have survived for thousands of years, and see the newly-restored Thousand-Hand Guanyin
Chongqing ff80808163ca4d970163ccc9d3630aee.jpg Dazu Rock Carving ff80808163ca4d970163ccc9d3850aef.jpg Dazu Thousand-hand Bodhisattva ff8080816537c32801653c4ee3a50e51.jpg

BreakfastCruise Breakfast Buffet LunchFeatured Local Specialties DinnerChongqing Hot Port HotelCentury Legend Luxury Cruise Ship


Chongqing 767 Beijing【3 Meals】

  • Fly to Beijing, the capital of China. 
  • Tiananmen Square: Walk through one of the largest public squares in the world, the site of many unforgettable historical events. 
Welcome to Beijing WELCOME TO BEIJING.jpg Tiananmen Square ff8080816c85506f016c8a27f4c80fb7.jpg Tiananmen Square 天安門廣場.jpg

BreakfastCruise Breakfast Buffet LunchLocal Specialties DinnerPeking Duck Feast HotelWaldorf Astoria Beijing


Beijing【3 Meals】

  • Forbidden City: Visit the home of 24 Ming and Qing Dynasty Emperors and the center of the Chinese political power for more than 500 years. 
  • Hutong: Ride a rickshaw through hundred year old alleyways and visit the home of a local family where you'll take a workshop on traditional handicrafts.
Forbidden City ff8080816c85506f016c8a27f5180fb8.jpg Forbidden City Forbidden City.jpg Hutong ff8080816c85506f016c8a27f5670fb9.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchBeijing Zajiang Noodle DinnerBeijing Local Specialties HotelWaldorf Astoria Beijing


Beijing【3 Meals】

  • Temple of Heaven: A morning visit to one of the most historically important temples in China, built during the Ming Dynasty, includes a private Tai Chi class to improve internal energy (Qi) and maintain good health. 
  • Imperial Summer Palace: Stroll through the regal and picturesque palaces and gardens of the Qing Dynasty.
Temple of Heaven ff8080816c85506f016c8a27f5be0fba.jpg Summer Palace ff8080816c85506f016c8a27f60e0fbb.jpg Summer Palace ff8080816c85506f016c8a27f6650fbc.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchLocal Specialties DinnerBeijing Mutton Hot Pot HotelWaldorf Astoria Beijing


Beijing (90miles,2.5hrs)  Jinshanling【3 Meals】

  • Jinshanling Great Wall: With its half-restored, half 'wild' features, enjoy a leisure stroll up the wall for stunning views of the sunset. 
  • Based on your physical ability and preference, you can choose to: 
    • Take the cable car up and down and appreciate the beauty of the Great Wall comfortably from above. (difficulty: ★★☆☆☆)
    • Take the cable car up, cross through the castle tower, climb up the beacon tower, and encounter the mighty Great Wall. (difficulty: ★★★★☆)
Jinshanling Great Wall ff8080816c85506f016c8a27f6b60fbd.jpg Jinshanling Great Wall ff8080816c85506f016c8a27f7070fbe.jpg Jinshanling Great Wall ff8080816c85506f016c8a27f7560fbf.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchLocal Specialties DinnerLocal Specialties HotelDhawa Jinshanling Hotel


 Beijing Airport 767 (2hrs) Xi'an【3 Meals】

  • Enjoy the sunrise at Great Wall.
  • Fly to Xi'an, the ancient capital of China.
  • Accupressure Foot Massage: A great way to reduce fatigue and relax after a day of sightseeing. 
Great Wall Sunrise ff8080816c85506f016c8a27f7a70fc0.jpg Jingshanling Great Wall ff8080816c85506f016c8a27f7f70fc1.jpg Xi'an City Night View ff8080816c85506f016c8a27f84e0fc2.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchLocal Specialties DinnerLocal Specialties HotelWyndham Grand Xi'an South


Xi'an【3 Meals】

  • Xi'an Museum & Small Wild Goose Pagoda: With less crowds to worry about, enjoy the rich history and culture of China's feudal dynasties.
  • Terracotta Warriors and Horses: Witness a true wonder and one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the world. 
Xi'an Museum Exhibits 西安博物院.jpg Small Wild Goose Pagoda 小雁塔.jpg Terracotta Warriors ff8080816cb8c028016cba60089409bf.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchLocal Specialties DinnerLocal Specialties HotelWyndham Grand Xi'an South


Xi'an 767 Next Destination 【Breakfast】

After breakfast, you will be escorted to the airport by a Super Value Tours representative. Zai jian (Until Next Time)!

 *Airport send off available from 10:00AM-6:00PM

BreakfastHotel Buffet

Health & Safety 

  • This tour involves standing and walking for up to 1 hour at a time over inclined or uneven streets.
  • Some areas of this tour are not wheelchair accessible.


Passports & Visas

  • Visas are required for US/Canada passport holders entering China. Please see our Visa Information Center for details.  Visa fees not included in tour fare.



  • In the spirit of "Travel Happy" we do not believe in hidden fees - no options are sold on tour.

 Dietary Restrictions

  • It's important everyone has a great dining experience while traveling with us! If you have a special meal restriction (i.e. no lamb, etc), please let us know. We will do our best to oblige, but we regret some dietary preferences may not be available due to cultural differences.

Luggage Handling

  • Domestic flights in China have a checked luggage limit of 44lbs (20kg) per person.


Imperial Summer Palace

This second palace served the Qing Dynasty as an imperial retreat from the stifling confines of the Forbidden City. The complex suffered two major attacks, one during the Anglo-French invasion of 1860 and again during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900. The surviving garden was rebuilt in 1886 and 1902, and became a UNESCO World Heritage site in December 1998.

Tiananmen Square

Directly across the Forbidden City, Tiananmen (literally "Gate of Heavenly Peace") Square has been the site of several key events in China's history, and holds great cultural significance.

A half mile long and over a quarter mile wide, the gargantuan scale is hard to imagine for many people until they have a chance to see it in person. At maximum capacity, this famous square can contain over 100 million people simultaneously!

The National Palace Museum (Forbidden City)

The Chinese Imperial Palace was the throne of power from the mid-Ming Dynasty (~1400AD) to the end of the Qing Dynasty (1920AD) from which the Emperors ruled for 500 years. The Forbidden City was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987 and is listed by UNESCO as the largest collection of ancient wooden structures in the world.

Temple of Heaven

The temple also known as Tian Tan, is one of the largest temple complexes in China and a paradigm of Chinese architectural balance and symbolism. The complex was visited by the Emperors in Ming and Qing dynasties for annual ceremonies of prayer to heaven for a good harvest. Today, the park surrounding the Temple of Heaven has become a favorite gathering place for early morning practitioners of Tai Chi and other bustling social activities.

Jinshanling Great Wall

The Great Wall at Jinshanling was initially built from 1368 to 1389 during the Ming Dynasty. Later, under the direction of General Qi Jiguang, the wall was rebuilt from 1567 to 1570.  It received its name because it was built on the Greater and Lesser Jinshan ('Gold Mountain') Ranges.

Jinshanling's Great Wall is in a mountainous area 80 miles northeast of central Beijing. This section of the wall connects the Simatai Great Wall section on the east, and Gubeikou Section on the west. Special features of this section are the 31 watchtowers. Because of the varied terrain, the watchtowers were built in different shapes: tall or short, rectangular or square, with three to five embrasures.  A rare three-floor watchtower can be found at the west end of the Jinshanling section (currently a military restricted area).

Xi'an Ancient City Wall

The Ancient City Wall of Xi'an was constructed in the early Ming Dynasty (1300AD), and is a symbol of great significance for China's most famous historic cities. A main feature of the Xi'an City Wall lies in the fact it has been preserved, which is rarely seen elsewhere in the world. The Ancient City Wall has corner towers, ramparts, sentry towers, gate towers, battlements and a number of city fortifications with very strong defensive capabilities.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses

The life-sized Terracotta (clay) warriors and horses of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor who unified China, date back over 2,000 years (210BC) and were unearthed in 1974 by local farmers. The delicately carved figures include warriors, chariots, horses, officials, acrobats, strongmen, and musicians, each with different expressions and unique faces. A vast collection has been unearthed across 3 separate pits, but archeologists estimate the entire army consists of over 8,000 soldiers with a majority of the original warriors still buried in the pits.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing

Rich Chinese tradition and modern style flawlessly combine at Waldorf Astoria Beijing. This distinctive hotel was the former residence of Li Hongzhang, an influential politician from China's last imperial dynasty. Today, its prime location in the heart of Beijing (within 10 minutes walking distance to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City) makes it one of the best bases for exploring the city.

Dhawa Jinshanling Hotel

Nestled in the hills at the foot of the Great Wall, Dhawa Jinshanling fuses cutting-edge design with China's rich cultural heritage. This stylish new resort merges seamlessly into its ancient surroundings. Accommodations feature classically designed exteriors paired with modern, yet undeniably Chinese, interiors. Our rooms are set around a large communal courtyard with outdoor seating. The main restaurant serves cuisine ranging from Northern Chinese dishes to contemporary Cantonese entrees, and there is also an indulgent bar that we're sure you'll appreciate. 

Wyndham Grand Xian

Special Features: Excellent location (Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Downtown) 

Located in the heart of the Tang Dynasty city of Xi'an, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, numerous scenic spots, and unique local shopping are within easy reach. The 3100-year history of Xi’an is a magnificent backdrop which inspired the design of the hotel itself. The exterior reflects the deep history of Xi'an while the interior has a smooth modern design. Guests staying here will feel exquisite Chinese hospitality and modern comfort.