To us, 'value' means making a better way to tour

Super Value Tours is a US-based tour design company specializing in creating the best tours to Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Cambodia. For destinations where traveling on your own may be difficult, we design our tour programs to overcome these barriers and introduce you to the best of each location. Creating the best quality experience is our top priority. In order to accomplish this, we believe we have to do things directly. The factor which sets us apart from ordinary travel companies is we only operate our tours directly. We design and operate all our tours ourselves. Having our own land operations and expert guide team for each destination means we can guarantee a high-quality travel experience for our guests.

Time is precious; a traveler's time doubly so. To us, 'value' is about more than just an attractive price-point; it's about quality, honoring the value of time, and offering our guests an effortless way to spend their precious time with loved ones while exploring this fantastic planet we all share. We know selecting the right company for complex international journeys is a big decision, and we feel honored to have the opportunity to host our guests' travels. This is why we design and operate our own tours from the ground up; so that every aspect can be carefully hand-tailored to ensure the best possible experience at a fair price with no hidden fees.


Our Tour Design Philosophy

Putting people over profits is part of our core philosophy. We appreciate the time our guests spend when they are traveling with us, more than the value of the dollar. We deeply value these opportunities and incorporate our core philosophies into tour design.

  • Discover the UnGoogleable: We are truly blessed to live in an era with access to information freely available at our fingertips, but we find that planning the very best travel experiences requires insights that you just won't find online. Our on-location overseas offices allow us to ensure the latest and greatest 'un-Google-able' travel experiences for our guests.
  • Food == Life: Food is an enormously important part of every culture on earth, and we simply love to eat! From street-food favorites to 3-star Michelin restaurants, we are always seeking the best authentic cuisine to share with our guests.
  • No Tourist Traps: Whether you're just starting out your bucket list or are a seasoned globetrotter, time is precious. That's why we include only the most worthwhile places on any of our tours, and refuse to include any time-wasting tourist traps.
  • Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist: We reject the notion that traveling with a group means feeling like a tourist: we design our tours so our guests can experience a destination like a local. To us, travel is about bridging cultures and sharing ideas, and with our expert guides as your cultural emissaries losing yourself in a foreign land has never been so effortless and exciting.

We pour our heart and soul into everything we do so that we can better share what we love about travel with our guests: unique experiences, incredible authentic cuisine, top-notch service, hidden local delights, and memories that will last a lifetime. We are deeply committed to offering our guests a better way to tour, simply for the love of travel.

Dine well, sleep well, & travel happy--
-- and let us take care of the details!

Super Value Tours Milestones
In 2016

10th annual conference of tour guides is held in Kyoto, Japan

Super Value Tours earns 2 Gold Travel Weekly Magellan Awards

More to come!!   

In 2015

9th annual conference of tour guides is held in Taipei, Taiwan

Super Value Tours guest becomes Taiwan's 10 millionth traveler for the year

In 2014

8th annual conference of tour guides is held in Kunming, China

Russia and Croatia tours are launched

2nd time awarded the Taiwan Tourism Award by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau 


In 2013

7th annual conference of tour guides is held in Fujian, China

Central Japan tours are launched

China Fujian tours are launched

China Tibet tours are launched

In 2012

6th annual conference of tour guides is held in Kanto, Japan

West Japan tours are launched.

China Silk Road tours are launched.

New Orient Express tours are launched.

In 2011

5th annual conference of tour guides is held in Taipei, Taiwan

Supernet donates USD$20,000 to Red Cross for aid in March 11th Japan Tsunami
Supernet becomes the second organization to win the Taiwan Tourism Award
Taiwan Island tours are launched
China Yunnan tours with Shangri-La are launched
In 2010

Supernet Tours becomes the second organization to win the Taiwan Tourism Award 

4th annual conference of tour guides is held in Guilin, China

Taiwan West Coast tours are launched

In 2009

3rd annual conference of tour guides is held in Beijing, China.

Supernet becomes one of the only companies from North America to be awarded the prestigious Japan Tourism Agency Award for outstanding service.

Golden China tours (Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin, & Shanghai) are launched.

China Sichuan & Hunan tours are launched

First tours to Taiwan (East Coast) are launched.

In 2008

Super Value Tours, Inc. is officially launched as the sister company to Signet Tours, Inc. to provide the same high-quality tours in English languages.

2nd annual conference of tour guides is held in Shanghai, China

Kyushu tours are launched 

The annual number of guests on our Japan tours exceeds 20,000.

In 2007

1st annual conference of tour guides is held in Bangkok, Thailand

China Yunnan tours are launched

In 2006

To meet growing demand for our high-end tours in English languages, our English guide team is created and first departures to Asia begin.

China Yangtze South tour is launched.

In 2005

Hokkaido & Northeast Japan tours are launched.

In 2004

Japan Classics tour is launched 

In 2003

Japan Kansai tours are launched. 

In 2002

First Japan tour is launched 

In 2001

Northern Thailand tours are launched.

In 2000

Thailand tours are launched as our first destination. 

In 1999

Supernet Tours, Inc is established together with its subsidiary, Signet Tours, Inc. to serve the Chinese-American market with high quality travel packages.

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